Who We Are...

Founded in 2021, the Bitcoin Today Coalition is the first and only interest group representing both individual holders of bitcoin as well as innovators and job creators in the bitcoin industry.

Formed by concerned leaders in the bitcoin community, we successfully petitioned for change during legislative challenges.

We serve the fair treatment of bitcoin in taxation, reporting, and privacy. We educate legislators and industry leaders about bitcoin and its impacts.

We understand that bitcoin and the emerging technologies built upon it will create a global standard of commerce in the digital era.

Our goal is to increase bitcoin literacy within America’s legislative and regulatory bodies. We advocate for policies that will strengthen America’s economic engine and dominance on the world stage. We support a robust consumer adoption of bitcoin. And hope to unshackle small businesses that innovate around bitcoin’s technology and promise.

We want to make America the best place on earth to own bitcoin.

We approach our mission in four ways:



Percentage of bitcoin owned by companies.



Percentage of wallets owning less than one bitcoin.


Educate US regulators and legislators on the optimal regulatory environment for bitcoin.


Improve bitcoin literacy in the general public. This includes teaching individuals about running nodes to preserve bitcoin’s integrity. And we advocate for regulations that protect individual freedoms.


Provide individual owners of bitcoin with access to easy, actionable ways to engage with legislators and regulators.


Maintain up-to-date snapshots of public sentiment about bitcoin. And be the centralized go-to source for all bitcoin-related resources.

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For plebs by plebs. BTC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that brings together thought leaders in finance and investing, mining and energy, as well as regulatory and policy experts, ensuring a strategic and layered approach to bitcoin's advocacy.

Board of Directors


CJ Wilson

Former Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher

More about CJ

CJ Wilson is a former Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher for both the Texas Rangers and the LA Angels. He currently runs a multi-brand luxury auto dealership business in California and accepts bitcoin as payment. CJ has been an active trader in equity markets and precious metals for over two decades before becoming a bitcoin investor and trader. He’s also a shareholder in various bitcoin businesses and companies providing bitcoin-native services. Currently, CJ is building a Texas-based bitcoin mining company that uses natural gas generators onsite at oil fields to mine off the power grid, and a California-based bitcoin-centric payroll company. CJ has been a spokesperson, consultant, and sponsored speaker for various multinational companies such as Porsche, Proctor+Gamble, New Balance, GoPro, RedBull, and Xbox.


Donna Redel

Businesswoman, Professor, Angel Investor, Philanthropist

More about Donna

Donna Redel is a businesswoman, a professor of blockchain and digital assets, an angel investor, and a philanthropist. She was the managing director of The World Economic Forum, the foremost global organization combining business, political, academic, and other leaders of society committed to improving the state of the world. She was the first woman to chair a USA exchange, The Commodity Exchange. Following her work in global organizations, Donna began a second career as a New York City-based advisor and investor focusing on financial technology, blockchain, and emerging technologies. She is an active participant in the startup community with New York Angels, serving as a board member, the co-chair of the Blockchain Committee and the Israeli Investment Committee, and chair of the Education Committee. Donna teaches at Fordham Law School and is a frequent speaker about the digital asset legal ecosystem. Highlights of her committee memberships are the NYS Committee for the Advancement in Women’s Leadership in Financial Services, the MoMA Photography Committee, and a Board Member of The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. The focus of her public service efforts are the arts, health, and promoting women’s leadership. Donna has a J.D. from Fordham Law School, an MBA from Columbia University, and a BA from Barnard College (Columbia).


Robert Malka

Entrepreneur and Author

More about Robert

Robert Malka is an author and entrepreneur with a background in philosophy. He is co-founder and COO of a company that provides interpreting services for the deaf in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. Along with managing teams of interpreters, he lobbies members of Congress, Sheikhs, and Emirs for greater communication access. Rob has previously piloted, as co-founder and COO, an online alternative to K-12 schooling emphasizing the Socratic method, with outstanding feedback from parents and students. His memoir on the experience of having deaf parents (publication pending) has been called “a magnificent achievement” by a National Humanities Medal winner. Alongside advocating for bitcoin, he is currently building a stealth education startup. Rob is part of Mi Primer Bitcoin, a non-profit in El Salvador. There, he helped design the first required bitcoin certification program at a public high school in the world. Its first goal is to reach all high-schoolers in El Salvador. He has been published in academic journals on Nietzsche and focuses on the creation of meaning, and the ontology of culture and learning along with the potential for bitcoin to reinvigorate high culture. He has a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science from St. John’s College, Santa Fe.


Amanda Cavaleri

CEO, Digital Reserve Energy

More about Amanda

Amanda Cavaleri is the CEO of Digital Reserve Energy, a bitcoin mining venture based in Wyoming. Previously, she co-founded and advised several fund entities ranging from hedge and venture funds to a structured equity fund and a bitcoin mutual fund. Amanda was also a startup executive in privacy and cyber security alongside Dr. David Chaum and consulted in APAC and Europe for Dr. Marc Fleury. Amanda holds a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization from the McCombs Business School of the University of Texas at Austin. Earlier in her career, she was an entrepreneur in health care, was an AARP Innovation Fellow in Washington, D.C., and held the role of Thought Leader with Carnegie Mellon University & UPMC’s Quality of Life Technology Center. Amanda has guest lectured at domestic and international graduate schools about emerging technology as well as taught foreign diplomats about the geopolitical digital currency and privacy landscape via the U.S. Department of State’s IVLP Exchange Program.


Alexander Brammer

Sr. Director of Digital Strategy and Asset Optimization, Talen Energy, US Military Veteran

More about Alex

Alexander Brammer is currently the Sr. Director of Digital Strategy and Asset Optimization at Talen Energy, where he is charged with integrating Bitcoin mining and other emerging digital technologies into Talen’s 13 gigawatt generation portfolio. Before Talen, he was the VP of Business Development at Luxor, a North American bitcoin mining services company, where he focused on developing cutting-edge software, infrastructure, and financial products for bitcoin miners. Before joining Luxor, he spent most of his 15 years in an Army uniform either on combat deployments or in school. While in uniform, Alex deployed four times to Iraq in both special operations and airborne infantry units, completed a Bachelor’s in Economics from West Point, a Master’s in Security Studies from King’s College London, and a Doctorate in Politics from Queen’s University Belfast as a 2014 Marshall Scholar. He medically retired from the Army in 2021 after leaving command as a Captain. Alex’s doctoral work focused on insurgency and counterinsurgency methods designed to enhance or erode institutional legitimacy in conflicted, deeply divided societies. He believes bitcoin will deconstruct and realign calcified political structures, help to re-legitimize critical American institutions, and enable an economically viable renewable energy transition to a more decentralized, resilient grid.


Alexandra DaCosta

CEO, Aspen Creek Digital Corporation

More about Alexandra

Alexandra DaCosta is the CEO and a founding member of Aspen Creek Digital Corporation, whose mission is to catalyze the decarbonization of power generation by standing up over 3GW of new renewable power paired with bitcoin mining and interruptible data centers, with sites currently operating in Colorado and Texas. Prior to ACDC, Alex spent 18 years on Wall Street in Fixed Income Structured Products and Asset Finance at Deutsche Bank and Nomura, and was most recently head of ESG and Impact Investing at Cantor Fitzgerald. She is an Advisor to Synota, an Advisory Board member of Mass General for Children, and a Board member of the University Cottage Club at Princeton University, where she serves as Secretary and as part of the executive committee for the Glinka Fund. She’s also a volunteer for Community Cooks, providing monthly home cooked meals for a local women’s shelter. Alex graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, and from LEAD at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She and her husband live in Boston with their two boys.


Jayson Browder

Vice President of Policy, Marathon Digital Holdings,
US Military Veteran

More about Jayson

Jayson Browder, MPA, serves as Vice President of Policy for Marathon Digital Holdings and as Third Way’s Visiting Fellow for National Security by leading the development and advancement of cutting-edge public policies for the top national security threats of the 21st century. A focus of his work revolves around the US-China cyber and digital power competition. This includes furthering efforts around the groundbreaking Cyber Enforcement Initiative, which is dedicated to bringing cybercriminals to justice. Prior to Third Way, Jayson held several senior advisor roles, most recently at New York Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) as Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Principal National Security Advisor to U.S. Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Presidential Management Fellow in the Obama Administration’s White House Office of Management and Budget, and U.S. Fulbright Scholar. Highlights from these roles included leading NYU Abu Dhabi’s administrative response for student services to COVID-19, drafting defense and veteran affairs legislation including the bi-partisan Healthy Veterans Act in the 113th Congress, managing a $250 million portfolio of programmatic funds in the National Security Division, and developing geo-political research as a professor at Bayburt University in Turkey. As a US Air Force and Iraq War Veteran, Jayson is passionately involved in Military and Veteran Affairs. In 2015, he founded Veterans in Global Leadership, an executive-level training and leadership development non-profit, advocating for veteran visibility within civilian government leadership. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board and as a Senior Advisor to Policy Vets, an organization dedicated to supporting and creating policy that prioritizes veteran wellbeing. His analysis of global affairs, military and veteran policy has been published in numerous media publications such as Asia Times, NPR, Carnegie Council, and Foreign Policy Journal. Jayson holds a Global Executive M.P.A. from New York University and the University College London and a B.A. in Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies from Fordham University. He was awarded 40 Under 40 at the Middle East Policy Council and 40 Under 40 Latinos in Foreign Policy at New America, Diversity in National Security Network, and Huffington Post.

Board of Advisors


Kyle Schneps

Director of Public Policy, Foundry Labs

More about Kyle

Kyle is Director of Public Policy at Foundry, a Digital Currency Group Company. He has held a variety of Federal and State Government positions, most recently working as Special Advisor for State Operations in the New York State Executive Chamber. Prior to his role in NY State government, Kyle spent most of his career serving as a US Intelligence Officer, which was preceded by a diplomatic post as Advisor to the Special Envoy for Guantanamo Bay Closure at the State Department. He is a former White House Fellow, during which time he worked across different national security and federal budgeting roles in the Obama Administration. Over the course of his career, he has lived and/or worked in over sixty countries and believes blockchain technologies will continue to become increasingly impactful for financial inclusion and global security. He holds two Masters’ degrees in International Affairs and Public Health from Columbia University.


Charlene Fadirepo

Former Regulator & Founder of Mango Digital Strategies

More about Charlene

As the Founder of Mango Digital Strategies, Charlene Hill Fadirepo provides digital assets strategies and consulting services for mission driven organizations that yield results. Charlene is also the CEO of Guidefi, a fintech platform that empowers women of color with financial advisors and Bitcoin investor education classes. Prior to founding Mango Digital Strategies, Charlene held financial analysis roles at Citigroup,Royal Bank of Canada, and Cherokee Investment Partners. She also held a senior consulting role at PWC for six years, where she provided bank regulatory consulting services to Wall Street banks. In addition she also spent several years at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and provided internal evaluations and consulting services across the bank supervision division. In her 15+ year career, Charlene has worked with 8 financial services organizations, and government agencies, to strengthen operations and compliance, identify investment opportunities, and drive greater alignment across business priorities. Charlene has served as a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technical advisor for Georgian College in Ontario, Canada. Charlene is a co-author of the Bitcoin Policy book called Bitcoin and the American Dream. She serves on the Board of Directors of CryptoConnect, a women led- national cryptocurrency networking organization. Charlene earned an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia.


Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Developer, Educator and Entrepreneur

More about Jimmy

Jimmy Song is a bitcoin developer, educator, and entrepreneur. He’s an open-source contributor to many different bitcoin projects and is the author of Programming Bitcoin from O’Reilly, The Little Bitcoin Book, Thank God for Bitcoin, and Bitcoin and the American Dream. He has taught bitcoin programming as a lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin, testified as an expert witness on the topic of bitcoin, and is an advisor and consultant to several bitcoin companies. Jimmy writes a weekly newsletter, Bitcoin Tech Talk, and hosts a weekly podcast, Bitcoin Fixes This.

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