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Alex Brammer, Jayson Browder, and Kyle Schneps on Cafe Bitcoin

Listen in as the Bitcoin Today Coalition Veterans for Energy and Technology Security leaders Kyle Schneps, Alex Brammer, and Jayson Browder join Alex Stanczyk for an episode of Cafe Bitcoin...

Robert Malka on Bitcoin Rapid Fire with John Vallis

Listen in as Bitcoin Today Coalition board member Robert Malka joins John Vallis for a philosophical deep-dive into culture, brotherhood, and the character of combat. Two great minds examine Nietzsche, authenticity in today’s mad world, and more...

Developing a Framework on Competitiveness of Digital Asset Technologies

The Bitcoin Today Coalition responded to the International Trade Administration in the Department of Commerce to support the bitcoin network and the importance it brings to global competitiveness, financial inclusion, and technological development.

BTC VETS Memorandum In Opposition to New York State's Proposed Ban on Proof of Work Digital Mining

Our National Security Council, the Bitcoin Today Coalition Veterans Energy and Technology Security Committee, submitted its memorandum in opposition to New York Senate bill S. 6486D. This bill attempts to create a two-year moratorium on new proof of work digital mining operations across New York State. Proponents of the bill are invoking China in very misleading ways...

Response to the Science and Technology Policy Office’s Request for Information on the Energy and Climate Implications of Digital Assets

We responded to the White House Science and Technology Policy Office in support of bitcoin and its beneficial impacts on innovation, a clean environment, energy resiliency, grid stability, national security, and future job growth.

Memo of Support for New York's Vanel-Sanders Study Bill

We voiced support for the opportunity to examine Bitcoin and its potential benefits to New York state in greater depth through a newly-established task force.

Memo of Opposition to New York's Proposed Moratorium on Mining

With our memorandum of opposition, we successfully contributed to preventing the moratorium from moving through the New York State Assembly.

Bitcoin Today Coalition Response to Senator Pat Toomey

Senator Toomey requested clarification from experts in the crypto community on best policies and practices. We submitted our vision and recommendations for an orange-pilled United States.


Bitcoin Today Coalition Announces the Publication of Bitcoin and the American Dream

Bitcoin and the American Dream was written by a passionate group of entrepreneurs and innovators, including several members of our Board of Directors.

For many, there is no American Dream, only a nightmare. Financial stress and debt burdens weigh heavily. The system just feels rigged.

Amidst this despair, Americans are finding hope in an unlikely place. Across America, a broad and diverse coalition is forming. They are people who believe bitcoin unlocks the door to a revitalized American dream. This book is about that dream. It's now available as an audiobook too, read by Guy Swann.

Regular meetings

Our team meets regularly with Senate and Congressional staffers to introduce them to the benefits of Bitcoin, and the advantages of making Bitcoin a focus in the 2022 elections and beyond. We also connect with regulators to develop optimal policies for a bitcoin-friendly United States.

Congress members we've connected with:


CJ Wilson and Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at The Human Rights Foundation speaking to staffers in various senate and house offices.

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