Listen in as Bitcoin Today Coalition board member Robert Malka joins John Vallis for a philosophical deep-dive into culture, brotherhood, and the character of combat. Two great minds examine Nietzsche, authenticity in today’s mad world, and more... 

Robert Malka: Bitcoin, Culture, Nietzsche, and Insights from a Life of Sign Language Interpreting

In this illuminating conversation, Rob explains the Coalition and our advocacy for bitcoin on both the federal and state levels, teaching legislators and regulators the merits of bitcoin. And how — geopolitically — the US needs to be on board sooner rather than later. 

Fun fact: Did you know Rob started his orange-pill journey because of a random group activity with Robert Breedlove at a Summit conference?

In addition to helping guide the Coalition, John and Rob chat about his part in the My First Bitcoin project ( (@MyfirstBitcoin_). If you haven’t heard, the team recently celebrated the graduation of their successful pilot class in El Salvador.

My First Bitcoin is the first bitcoin certification program in the world in a public high school. Now the program is expanding to multiple other schools in El Salvador, and individual states in the US are interested too. The curriculum is in demand by people that want to use it in their classrooms.

“If bitcoin is a mind virus, you want that in as many heads as possible as quickly as possible.”

~ Robert Malka

As a child of deaf parents, and a sign language interpreter by necessity, Robert’s translated for Elon Musk, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, and graduate-level computer science and literature classes as well as special-ed classes, juvenile hall residents, attorneys, well-known politicians, and celebrities. You can’t help but find his views on that experience fascinating!

But the best part is when John tells Rob how much he enjoyed his American Sign Language performance of Eminem’s Rap God. Want to be amazed? You can check it out for yourself here…

Rap God in American Sign Language by Robert Malka.