Listen in as the Bitcoin Today Coalition Veterans for Energy and Technology Security leaders Kyle Schneps, Alex Brammer, and Jayson Browder join Alex Stanczyk for an episode of Cafe Bitcoin. Starting at 1:23:15, the guys introduce the BTC VETS and go deep into how bitcoin intersects with the military, energy, and national security policy.

While it’s true many people think bitcoin doesn’t need — or shouldn’t be — regulated, the real problems being faced are the enemies of bitcoin. Says VETS President, Kyle Schneps: If we do nothing and let bitcoin be bitcoin, the other side has no obstacles to overcome. We have the data on our side, so why not teach it. The other side doesn't have any data or facts or science. It's just people screaming the word environment as loud as they can. They’re well-oiled and well-funded and they’re looking to destroy this industry.

The BTC VETS community leverages veterans, ex-intel, and national security experts to demystify the national security and foreign policy benefits of the bitcoin network. Even those that have left these communities still have relationships made there and still have legitimacy in the space. They understand how government works and how to articulate information to policymakers. They can engage with and advise stakeholders where they previously served. They can advance financial, energy, social, and political stability through bitcoin.

To have a successful movement, the VETS goal is to mobilize against the common enemy trying to dismantle the bitcoin industry. That’s why they believe it’s important to engage in policy and the legislative process.

Says Alex Brammer: When looked at from a jurisdictional arbitrage perspective, there will be winners. The question isn’t will bitcoin flourish, the question is where. And BTC VETS wants the answer to be here in the US.

To that end, BTC VETS is already active in the legislative process. It submitted a Memorandum in Opposition to New York’s proposed mining moratorium. And met with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on its Request for Information on the Energy and Climate Implications of Digital Assets.

The mission is to provide insights and education for those crafting policy that will govern the regulation of bitcoin as a technology and as a commodity. The goal is to be an educational platform for those with certain experiences and expertise to organize and pool resources at the state and national levels.

To accomplish the mission, the VETS are seeking people who want to use their experience and insights into the military, government, or national security to communicate what bitcoin is... and why it’s crucial in so many ways.

Says Kyle Schneps: We’re going to communicate in an intelligent and polite way. Legislators and regulators listened to us on a wide range of topics in the past. And now we're here to advise them about this important industry and important tool.

Are you a current or former front-line American (military, intel, foreign service, first responder)? Do you believe bitcoin is going to change society for the better? Do you want to use your experience and expertise to help enable mass BTC adoption?

If that’s you, apply to join the BTC VETS here: