Dear Congress Member,

As an American citizen, I am proud that our country stands for a unique set of freedoms. Freedom of speech, religion and privacy are all of the utmost importance. Alongside forty million Americans — and counting — please voice your support for bitcoin... a monetary network that supports those freedoms while encouraging American values worldwide.

If you don't yet know, bitcoin is a new form of programmable money. It requires no central bank and is securely generated through the protocol's mandatory standards. The bitcoin network keeps trillions of dollars worth of transactions secure using only a rules-based system. One that allows for unilateral inclusivity and fairness for all participants… including miners. 

When China banned bitcoin mining, entrepreneurial Americans brought it home. Small businesses now power local economies. They utilize stranded and wasted energy that no one else can economically use. They operate by employing renewable sources. They create thousands of American jobs and millions in revenue. Innovative companies are here, in our country, and we should encourage their support and development.

Small businesses in our district also use bitcoin to overcome daily obstructions. Consider the 2-3% fees that credit card companies charge per transaction. Bitcoin’s substantially lower costs benefit companies experiencing reduced margins from COVID, inflation, and stagnation.

Bitcoin is the ideal currency for a free-market system. It's transparent, available to everyone, and doesn't discriminate against its participants. It helps the underbanked and underprivileged by never charging them hidden or overdraft fees. It encourages financial literacy and allows anyone 24/7/365 access to their funds. It's safe, secure, and censorship-resistant.

On the other hand… placing financial surveillance on law-abiding citizens for small transactions is un-American. The recent proposal of a $600 reporting limit is oppressive. The $10,000 floor for the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 is absurd when adjusted for decades of price inflation.

Private citizens should not be required to report on each other. Americans should be able to legally spend post-tax earnings as they see fit. And they should be able to do so without government surveillance or accusations of money laundering.

Whether some like it or not, bitcoin is here to stay. It is the one solution for a free and fair future for everyone.

As our elected representative for freedom, independence, and self-sovereignty, you can help America be a world leader in this new era of prosperity and growth. Please stand with us in supporting that goal. Please stand with us in supporting bitcoin. 

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.