Bitcoin and
Human Rights

Bitcoin improves lives for refugees and unfree citizens. Around the world, those living under authoritarian regimes have hard choices to make. When traditional banking blockades emerge, bitcoin is the answer...

What you need to know

Money! It's the easiest way for people to store and transfer accumulated energies. The integrity of that energy, the integrity of money, must be a priority. For everyone, across the globe.

For those in authoritarian regimes, that financial freedom is even more important. And that financial freedom is bitcoin.

With bitcoin there exists:

  • The free flow of money between borders, without the knowledge or control of despotic governments.
  • Pseudonymous and censorship-resistant financial privacy — a fundamental right for all human beings.
  • 24/7/365 accessibility. Bitcoin can be sent or received on-chain in around ten minutes. Or, by using the Lightning Network, instantaneously, to anywhere on earth.

Held responsibly, bitcoin is very difficult to confiscate. A memorized seed phrase can cross into any place on earth without detection.

Bitcoin has already established its value in regimes such as Venezuela. It's been successful in passing firewalls and checkpoints. And then converted into the local fiat currency.

Or consider Yemen, where people can donate money to buy food and other essential goods using bitcoin.

Because bitcoin is pseudonymous, financial privacy can be easier to maintain. It's possible to disguise ownership of bitcoin. And that creates safer circumstances for activists and refugees.

It's true... bitcoin is volatile compared to the current US Dollar. Now, compare it to other currencies. It's nowhere near as volatile as some, one of which reduced Lebanese citizens' life savings by up to 70%.

That value will likely never be restored. Meanwhile, bitcoin has always returned to and exceeded its former values. With its deflationary properties and increasing adoption, you can expect that to continue and grow.

Bitcoin stops governments from violating its citizens' rights to financial freedom. Bitcoin stops institutions from excluding people from their lawful earnings and savings. Bitcoin is sound money... via an inclusive, open network... resistant to tyranny or persecution.

Your ability to save, spend, and share your energy as you like, through money, is your human right.

Bitcoin returns that right to every human.

Essential resources...

Bitcoin Is Protecting Human Rights Around the World


4.3 B

4.3 Billion people live under authoritarian rule



95 countries in the world are non-democratic.


1.2 B

1.2 billion people live in countries experiencing double or triple-digit Inflation.

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