Dear Congress Member,

Now more than ever we need to address the growing inequality in America. Limited financial access and oppression of citizens are key failures of our time.

Alongside forty million Americans — and counting — I support bitcoin. It's the only provably decentralized monetary network and store of value. It provides an escape from the vicious and accelerating cycle of losing one’s hard work to unsustainable costs of living.

For underbanked or low-income Americans, saving on financial service fees is a make-or-break budget item. Minorities are disproportionately charged exorbitant fees by traditional banks. Bitcoin provides blind inclusion, protection against inflation, and secure liquidity. This makes it the ideal choice for all, including minimum-wage and gig workers, thousands of whom are joining the bitcoin network daily.

Small businesses in our district also use bitcoin to overcome daily obstructions. Consider the 2-3% fees that credit card companies charge per transaction. Instead, bitcoin benefits companies experiencing reduced margins from COVID, inflation, and stagnation. Those savings can be spent to support the labor force rather than on Wall Street institutions like Visa and Amex.

While Bitcoin is regularly attacked for its energy use, around 50% of its consumption comes from renewable sources. It makes renewable energy more profitable and viable. It utilizes stranded and wasted energy that no one else can economically use. And provides an essential service to working Americans, who need help saving for their families’ futures.

In fact, bitcoin's energy use can be equated to America’s annual joy of Christmas lights. This reflects a mere drop in carbon emissions compared to the US military. Add in China, Russia, and the OPEC petroleum industry and their respective military security. Compared to that, bitcoin's energy use is barely significant.

Whether some like it or not, bitcoin is here to stay. It is the one solution for a free and fair future for everyone.

As a representative of a working-class labor force, please voice your support for bitcoin. The sooner America leads the way to a bitcoin standard, the more families in your state and district can prosper. Please stand with us in supporting that goal. Please stand with us in supporting bitcoin. 

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.