Bitcoin Facts...


About bitcoin's Energy Use and Why It’s Worth It... Including Mining!

Miners use excess energy and renewables to mine.

Bitcoin and Human Rights

Bitcoin improves lives for refugees and unfree citizens.

Bitcoin is the Best Way to Save Money and Store Wealth

A limited supply and a predictable issuance schedule, secured by an open network.

Debunking Myths: Bitcoin and Criminality

Bitcoin is not for criminals!

Protecting Americans: Bitcoin Security and Privacy

Bitcoin is the most secure method of transferring money in human history. As citizens are becoming more responsible for their own wealth, we must protect everyone's security and right to privacy.

Current Affairs: The State of Bitcoin and Politics

Bitcoin and digital assets have been a huge focus for legislators in DC. Cryptocurrency company executives have testified before Congress about the promises and perils of these digital assets. Millions more potential voters hold bitcoin. And are deeply invested in its future.

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